Mistakes You are Making as a First time Mother

Your pregnancy test results came out positive. Now you are more than prepared to welcome your bundle of joy after nine months. Little do you know that the new family member will bring adjustments into your budget, social life, and daily routines. Being a first time mom is not always easy. To make your parenting easy, avoid these three mistakes.

Three Mistakes you make

  1. Being Extravagant. Every mom wishes to raise their children in the best life possible. This lifestyle can be resource consuming and make you an Extravagant mom. You rush to nearly all baby stores in the city buying baby stuffs, even without knowing how to use them. As soon as you give birth, you realize that your baby doesn’t even need them. You end up wasting resources and time that would have been invested for your
  2. Delegating your responsibilities. Taking care of a baby can be overwhelming and tiring. Soothing, diapering, and feeding your young one is just a 24/7 job. You work day and night. You might consider hiring a baby sitter or a domestic manager. Unfortunately, delegating some of your roles may drive you the needed affection, love, and attention from your spouse. I remember when I gave birth to my first baby, my hubby used to come home late and often complained that I was no longer showing him love. I didn’t know that my baby had taken control over my feelings and emotions. That’s when I realized that I needed to rekindle our love. I started making dinner early and always planned for our private talk. Your partner is likely to complain and it’s normal. But don’t forget that you are both a wife and a mother. Don’t neglect or prioritize one role over another. Strike a balance between your responsibilities.
  3. Worrying too much. You are likely to feel lonely and depressed in your first months after birth. Concerns about your job, finances, and family are likely to subject you into depression. The anxiety of raising an independent and successful child is also likely to drain you. Don’t worry too much. Give yourself time for outdoor activities, social participation, and relaxation. Your need a “me time” for self-improvement. Your mental health matters. Remember that your life doesn’t end after birth. Grow to glow.

Parenting is not an easy task. As a first time mothers you balance your roles and adapt your mind to the changing family needs. As you transit into motherhood, have a growth mentality and learn to show affection, warmth, and support when necessary.

Why are You Still Single?

Uh! Why are you not married? When are we having grandchildren? You are getting old. These are some of the questions most single or unmarried persons have to answer as they approach 30s or early 40s. Surprisingly, most people don’t know that being single is a choice. Others are forced by circumstances. You are not alone if you are single. There are million others who are just like you. But why are you single? Here are few reasons why.

  1. Fear of heartbreaks. Perhaps you have been heartbroken in the past or heard about a heartbroken someone. I have a friend of mine who dated for seven years and unfortunately the man ended up marrying someone else. It is heartbreaking, right? This might be you. You were heartbroken and ended up losing the love of your life. You are still single because you chose never to fall in love again.
  2. Busy Schedules. The tech-savvy generation has confined us to busy schedules. You work from one office to another and have no time for socialization. You don’t have time to attend make new friends, attend fellowships or other groups where you are likely to meet your match. You end up dating your laptop or books until you realize you are getting old and you need to settle. Luckily or unfortunately all your ‘kind’ of perfect match are hooked up and you have nowhere to run to.
  3. High expectations. You are too choosy on the kind of relationship or partner you want. You spend your prime age looking for tall, dark, and handsome. Sadly, the serious one are only visional, future-oriented, and are past going for looks. They want someone to settle down with. Looks are deceiving. When you marry for looks, expectations change once you settle. The unexpected happen and since you settled for different expectations, you end up quitting and leading a single life.
  4. Lack of self-confidence. Most people say that they want fulfilling relationships. Yet, they don’t believe in their power and ability to establish the kind of relationship they want. You avoid putting your efforts in what you believe in. When approached by your perfect match, you tend to back away because you believe they deserve better. That’s where you go wrong. You are the best they deserve. Make it happen.
  5. Fear of expressing feelings. Ever felt attracted to someone and feared expressing your feelings? You have beliefs or values in your life that are holding you back from expressing what you feel. Your inner self knows that you are in love with that lady or guy but you fear showing it to them. You need to change your attitude and learn the art of self-expression.

Finding love and settling down is not an easy task. Fight your past experiences, detach yourself from negative thoughts and fight for your love. Happiness is a choice. If being single makes you happy, then remain single. If you are being held back by other beliefs, get past them and make a positive change. Make the right choice.

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